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Procedural soundtrack pt2

A friend noted that in the first part it was not really clear which triggers influenced which musical parameters. I made a second video based on the first UE4 map and SuperCollider patch.

I hope this part is a bit more clear, i still doubt about it because there is quite some stuff going on with 7 OSC parameters influencing the score alltogether. Maybe i will make a third video later on with an even more simplified score, or crossfades between radically different sounds. Anyway i’ll try to clear up some stuff already in this part. Also there are some things going on in the first video that are impossible to hear:  i like to randomize chord changes, rithmic values and subtle sound variations each time the code is evaluated. So every time the level is loaded the score could be randomized even more  besides using realtime generated game data.

  The score itself is based on four instruments:

 – kick

– fmpad

– fmperc

– fmperc2

i made a mini map of my UE4 world and annotated which hill influences specific parameters. Note that some parameters work inverted, ie. bigger distance from the hill raises the relative distance float of the character towards that hill. I didn’t bother to inverse all parameters, lazy excuses i know :) . For example if the character runs towards hill 1&2 the kick level will raise (distance from hill 5 gets bigger) Btw fmperc & fmperc2 are two layers with common rithmic values, but there is only one where modulator frequency is modulated. I tried to interpolate the pad chord changes between two chord arrays in this video but it’s rather perceived as a fluent change in pitch. Also this time i incorporated tempo as a parameter.


in this video the character moves first towards hill 1 (tempo slowing down) and continues clockwise. At the end UE4 crashes, it seems not to play really nice when making screencasts on my rig.