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Personal Research

Realtime generated procedural soundtrack

Realtime generated procedural soundtrack pt2

 examples of a realtime generated procedural soundtrack using the Unreal4 Engine and SuperCollider.

Odroid Looper

Supercollider looping system based on an ODROID ARM device running linux. I compiled a realtime kernel reducing roundtrip i/o latency to about 7ms. Currently used in the new set of De Beren Gieren. Pictures soon.

Implementing Andrew Simplers’ SVF

On a quest of learning some more code and DSP i was able to implement the pseudo code described in these technical notes using Protoplug (LuaJIT compiler wrapped in a VST plugin). I’ll post some code later on.

Korg Mono/Poly audio input 

Curious about what the results would sound like i got on a quest by tapping in some audio in the mixer path before the SSM filter in my Korg M/P. The result is very nice, and on top of that the saturation of the filter is great! Despite having to trigger the amp/filter envelopes seperately (i use Expert Sleepers’ Silent way plugin in tandem with a motu 828mk2) it is a great way to spice up digital sources. Made a quick little techno/AFX jam using the filter which became a nice tune Peter and i finished a few months back.

Cheap Supercollider Reverbs

Interested by the black magic of reverbs i made some cheap reverb algo’s in Supercollider. Dabbling around with nested allpass filters and feedback loops.

Korg DW8000 filter input

Inspired by the M/P audio-in mod i was able to rewire the footswitch jack input of my DW8000 to use it as an audio input. Interesting to compare the filter with the SSM, as it is a much smoother and silkier experience. Also needs a voice retrigger to be used effectively.

Random Robin

Round Robin Sampler implemented with Supercollider. Pretty funky because of Supercolliders’ sound character and slightly sloppy midi response (which i like a lot, reminiscent of some older hardware samplers)

Big Muff P 

circuit bending of a Big Muff Bass Pi. Getting fed up by the character of the pedal (way too much distortion!) i found some interesting points in the circuit lowering the internal gain before the clipping stages turning the pedal into something more usable.